Parking Lot Lighting Repair Boise Idaho

Does your business have tough-to-reach outdoor lighting? Leave the hassle to us. We do parking lot and street light repair . What is the cost of NOT having your building well lit? Having security lights out hurts the reputation of your business and also increases your potential liability in the event of an accident or crime on your property.

Is there a street light in front of your house in your subdivision that is out and just never seems to get changed? With Bright Ideas Lighting Co we are monitoring your subidvision's street lights monthly so that the neighborhood is kept well lit and safe. We currently service subdivision lighting in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Star Idaho .

Our bucket truck allows us to reach with ease lights located as much as 40 feet off the ground. With the large truck we are also able to reach up over parked cars and change the parking lot lights without having burden people about moving their vehicles.

Most of the parking lot and street lights are either metal halide or high pressure sodium . We stock both types in a variety of wattages on the truck so generally we going to have the bulb and ballast needed. We even keep a small stock of the old mercury vapor lights .

Call us at 208-378-1889 to put your Treasure Valley business or subdivision on our night monitoring route. We monitor outside lights for several subdivisions, property managers, and industrial buildings. We will drive by your building at night periodically, notify you what is out, and fix the lights.

Besides repairs of exterior lighting we also offer many LED lighting upgrade options for parking lot lights and wallpacks .

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