GFCI outlet installation - Boise Idaho

Do you need a GFCI Outlet installed in your Boise, Idaho home?


There are all manner of odd jobs that can be done around the home without any sort of professional help, but when it comes to anything electrical, that is always something that should be left to the pros. Even the smallest of mistakes made during electrical work can lead to a potential firehazard, which put’s everyone in your home at risk. Safety is crucial, and whilemany people believe that it will cost them a load of money to upgrade the electrical safety in their home, the truth is that it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, there is one simple upgrade that can add a large level of protection to your home, and it’s one that many people may not even be aware of.

The addition of GFCI outlets can go a long way to reducing the risk of electric shocks, or even fatal accidents. The Ground Force Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are most commonly found in areas where there is exposure to dampness and moisture, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, garage, or any outside location. They are recognizable by the two buttons in the center, which are usually red and black, which are labeled “test” and “reset.”

The way in which GFCI outlets work is really quite simple,as it detects the current going to and from the outlet, which should be pretty much equal both ways. The outlet senses when the incoming current is much higher than the return, and when that happens it will instantly shut itself off in a matter of milliseconds. It’s that speed that can prevent you from getting a nasty shock, or having the appliance that is plugged in seriously damaged. It’s worth noting that neither refrigerators nor washers should be plugged into a GFCI outlet, as both of those contain motors that can easily trip the circuit.

In most areas it is now the law to have GFCI outlets installed, and virtually every new home will have them in and ready to go. That may not be the case with older homes though, and if you still have regular old outlets in the areas mentioned above, then you should really look at replacing them as soon as possible. While changing them out is a relatively easy task, it is still one that should be left in the hands of a professional electrician, as wiring them in wrong can render them completely ineffective.

Once installed, the electrician will test to make sure that the GFCI outlet is working properly, but even after that has been done, you should still regularly check to see that it is functioning normally. That is as simple as pushing the “test” button, which will kill the power to the outlet, and then pressing the “reset” button to restore power. If all is well, then you are good, but if there are any issues, then you should not hesitate to have a licensed Idaho electrician come check it out. Call us at 208-378-1889 or SCHEDULE SERVICE NOW

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