Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection for your Boise Idaho Home

Most people have their most valuable electronics, such as widescreen TV and computer, plugged into a surge protector, but that is the equivalent of placing a bandage over a shark bite. They believe that power surges only occur when lightning strikes, but the reality is that the average home is subjected to several of them in an average week. The causes range from faulty wiring, downed power lines, and damages to the utility company’s equipment. That means that your home, as well as that pricy equipment is at risk more often than you would imagine, with the cost of replacing it all far more than making your home completely safe at all times.

A simple flicker of your lights could be a sign that there is a power surge in your home, but rather than going overboard and buying a protector for every major appliance, why not look at having one surge protector that will look after the entire home? This is not something that can simply be done by the average do it yourself fan, but instead is a job that should be left in the hands of a qualified electrical company .

It’s a fairly simple process that a licensed Idaho electrician can do in a short period of time. There are a number of great benefits to having a whole house surge protector installed, as it will protect all those appliances that are in spot where a traditional surge protector cannot fit, or for those electronics that are hardwired. It will also go as far as to protect incoming telephone and cable lines, which can’t usually be protected by your standard electronics store surge protector.

If you need any more convincing, then just take a minute to tally up the value of all the electronic devices that you use on a daily basis, and take into account how much it would cost to replace all of those in the event of a major surge. That doesn’t even count the value of your home, which could be vulnerable to fire in such an event. The cost of having a whole home surge protector installed is far less that total, plus you have the added bonus off adding to the resale value of your home.
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