Idaho Power lighting incentive reductions

Idaho Power held some recent meetings regarding Idaho Power lighting incentives changes coming up in mid June 2016. The biggest change is that the incentives for the LED screw in light bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs is going way down. Currently

Jordans Hallmark

Jordans Hallmark stores Bright Ideas Lighting upgraded lights at Boise area Jordans Hallmarks stores. The state street and parkcenter stores still had the older style 4 bulb T12s which were retrofitted to 2 bulb high performance T8 bulbs. This

Parking garage lighting LED lighting

Bright Ideas Lighting recently completed parking garage lighting upgrade changing out high pressure sodium fixtured to LED. The fixtures were mix of 100 and 150 watt high pressure sodium. These were replaced with new 40 watt LED fixtures. The LED

LED Wallpacks

Recently changed out some exterior high pressure sodium wallpacks to LED. It is amazing energy savings and improved light quality that one can get by upgrading to LED. Below is picture showing the wallpack we had installed 60 watt LED next to the

Exterior LED lighting retrofit

We recently did an upgrade of exterior metal halide wall packs (250 watt) to 75 watt LED floods at a commercial building in Meridian Idaho. With the LED flood lights we were able to better aim the direction of the light to where we wanted it. The

Complete Lighting Upgrade (CLU) from Idaho Power

In late July, after much delay, Idaho Power announced changes to their lighting incentive program . Besides the changes in incentive amounts idaho Power also came out with a new concept called the "Complete Lighting Upgrade". With a complete

New Idaho Power lighting incentives

Idaho Power has (finally) implemented the new lighting incentives that they had initially announced back in April that were initially scheduled to start June 1. The new incentives were effective July 23rd 2014. What types of changes are in the new

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LED highbay lights

Meridian Homecourt site in Meridian, Idaho had older 6 lamp T5 HO fluorescent lights.  Bright Ideas Lighting changed the old T5 HO lights out to new LED fixtures consuming only 150 watts We took advantage of the Idaho Power lighting incentives.   Because of the high run time for the lights at this site, Idaho Power lighting incentives covered over 70% of the total cost of the project.   This

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