New Idaho Power lighting incentives

Idaho Power has (finally) implemented the new lighting incentives that they had initially announced back in April that were initially scheduled to start June 1. The new incentives were effective July 23rd 2014. What types of changes are in the new

How can my business get lighting incentive money from Idaho Power for lighting upgrades?

How can my business get lighting incentive money from Idaho Power? Most businesses, churches, and commercial buildings will qualify for Idaho Power lighting incentives. If your rate schedule is a 7,9, or 19 on your power bill the property should

Induction lighting for parking garage

We are looking at doing a lighting retrofit for a parking garage in the Treasure Valley. Currently the parking garage has high pressure sodium lights and the client was looking for a different lighting solution. The new lighting solution would have

Happy New Years

Happy New Years to all of our current and future customers. We hope that 2014 is a prosperous and profitable year for you. Idaho Power lighting incentives look unchanged from 2013 levels at least at this point. Idaho Power has mentioned possible

Car Lot Lighting

Car Lot Lighting Car lots have a large number of parking lot lights. These lights are typically burning 12 hours a night. The most common type of car lot light is the 1000 watt probe-start metal halide. These probe-start metal halide lights

FAQ on Idaho Power Lighting Incentives

Frequently asked questions about Idaho Power Lighting Incentives Are lighting incentives still available for the old T12 fluorescent tubes? Yes, they are still available for 2013, but now is the time to act. The T12 fluorescent tubes and old

Idaho Power lighting incentives for 2013

Idaho Power lighting incentives for 2013 Many of us in the lighting business thought that Idaho Power lighting incentives for 2013 would be changing from 2012 levels, especially on the incentives for the T12 to T8 lighting retrofits. However,

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LED highbay lights

Meridian Homecourt site in Meridian, Idaho had older 6 lamp T5 HO fluorescent lights.  Bright Ideas Lighting changed the old T5 HO lights out to new LED fixtures consuming only 150 watts We took advantage of the Idaho Power lighting incentives.   Because of the high run time for the lights at this site, Idaho Power lighting incentives covered over 70% of the total cost of the project.   This

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