fluorescent light bulb colors - what is kelvin level?

Fluorescent light bulb tubes can be purchased in several different colors. The colors are measured in kelvin. Customers frequently ask me what is the best color light for my business? My answer, is "whatever you think looks the best". Some people

T12 ballasts - time running out

Time is running out for some outdated lighting systems. If your business uses T12 lighting, you won’t be able to buy the electromagnetic ballasts after June 30. EPACT 2005 goes fully into effect making it illegal to manufacture or import T12

T12 to T8 retrofitting and delamping

When retrofitting from T12 lighting to T8 lighting, frequently we see an opportunity to “delamp.” This means we reduce the total number of new T8 light bulbs installed, compared to the number of older T12 light bulbs that we’re replacing. Not only

LED Exit Signs

Many businesses still have the old incandescent exit sign lights. These are high maintenance and energy inefficient fixtures. The fixtures typically use 2 20 watt incandescent screwin light bulbs (rated life is only 2000 hours). These fixtures

Energy Efficient Lighting upgrades

Idaho Power is currently offering tremendous rebates for companies that upgrade their present lighting to something mor energy efficient. Typically the rebates cover about 50% of the costs of the upgrade depending on the upgrade. The most popular

Pipeco Boise Idaho

The Pipeco warehouse in Boise Idaho had old 8' 4 bulb T12 fixtures. These consumed approximately 295 watts each. These fixtures were on all of the time despite areas of the back warehouse being unoccupied at many points in the day. Bright Ideas

Hillcrest assisted living

Hillcrest assisted living in Boise Idaho had over 800 incandescent light bulbs (both interior and exterior). Bright Ideas Lighting changed out all incandescent lights at the facility to screw in 11 watt LEDs. Going from the incandescent lights to

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LED highbay lights

Meridian Homecourt site in Meridian, Idaho had older 6 lamp T5 HO fluorescent lights.  Bright Ideas Lighting changed the old T5 HO lights out to new LED fixtures consuming only 150 watts We took advantage of the Idaho Power lighting incentives.   Because of the high run time for the lights at this site, Idaho Power lighting incentives covered over 70% of the total cost of the project.   This

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