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If your business still has 8’ T12 light bulbs there are different options that are available for lighting upgrades.  The 8' 2 lamp T12 light fixtures are still very common, especially in garages, auto and tire shops and warehouses.   At Bright Ideas Lighting Co we have done all three of the options below on different jobs.  We do lighting repairs, maintenance, and retrofits in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa Caldwell, Idaho and the entire Treasure Valley.  Call us at 208-378-1889

Below are a listing and description of retrofit options for 8' T12 light fixtures.


1.Retrofit current 8’ fixture to T8 8’ light bulbs.   In this option you just replace the old T12 ballast with a new T8 electronic ballast and 2 F96 T8 light bulbs.  Advantages low labor cost, no taking down of fixtures, brighter and much better color rendering than T12s.   Disadvantage still using 8’ light bulbs which are most difficult to store, don’t last as long as the 4’ and are more expensive.  These retrofits seem to work best where more light than current is needed and there are many fixtures in a row together, where there would be a lot of labor to take down current fixtures.

2.Remove old 8’ T12 fixtures and install new 8’ tandem fixtures (back to back 4’ T8 lights four lights total per fixture).  With the tandem fixtures you get completely new fixtures.  Many times a good option if the current T12 fixtures are old and beat up and the business is wanting something entirely new.  Another advantage is going to the 4’ T8s, which are cheaper and last longer than the 8’ lights.   The disadvantage is that this option actually only saves about 20% in energy over the current fixture, also labor is a little higher because you are taking down all old fixtures and installing new ones instead of modifying current fixtures.  

3. The 8’ conversion kit.  With this kit the current 8’ fixture is maintained.  The guts of the fixture are taken apart and replaced with the kit.  A high ballast factor high performance ballast (1.18) is typically used to getthe maximum light out of the 2 light bulbs the kit uses.   Also typically the high lumen T8 light bulbs are used.  These are slightly more expensive than standard 800 series T8 light bulbs, but produce about 7% more light.   These conversion kits offer the most energy savings over the current T12 8’ fixtures.  The long term maintenance should also be the cheapest because of only using 2 4’ light bulbs instead of the 2 eight foot bulbs or the 4 four foot bulbs in the other options.  The disadvantage of this is that is also produces the lowest number of initial lumens compared.  In practice even though the rated lumens are lower than the T12 8’ fixtures, they can effectively replace the T12 2 lamp 8’ fixtures, especially when 5000 kelvin T8s are used.  The Idaho Power rebates on these kits are the highest of the 3 options.

Below is a summary of the different 8' lighting options.


Initial lumens Wattage Energy savings CRI Rated hours ID Power Easy Upgrades
8' T12 2 lamp fixture      10,600 140 60      12,000
8' T8 retrofit      10,735 109 22% 80      15,000 $26
8' tandem fixture      10,092 112 20% 82      24,000 $28
8' Conversion kit        7,316 77 45% 82      24,000 $52


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