Past Projects

Idaho Fitness Factory

Idaho Fitness Factory in Meridian Idaho is a fitness facility with lights running 24/7.   The Meridian site had 4' T8 and mostly 8' T12 fluorescent lights.   The T12 fixtures were removed and replaced with 48 watt LED strip fixtures.   This was an

River of Life School

Bright Ideas Lighting upgraded the lighting at River of Life School in Payette, Idaho.   The school's entire building had T12 fluorescent lights and the gymnasium had 400 watt metal halide lights in the ceiling. We changed out all of the T12

Idaho Soccer Center

Bright Ideas Lighting Co  recently completed lighting upgrade at the Idaho Soccer Center in Meridian Idaho.   Idaho Indoor Soccer center has an indoor soccer site where many recreational and competitive soccer leagues are played year round indoors

Arbor Crossfit

Bright Ideas Lighting Co recently upgraded the lights at Arbor Crossfit in Boise, Idaho.  The facility had all T12 lights, mostly they were 8' lights.   All of the lights in the workout areas were 8' T12, and offices and changing rooms were

Pipeco Boise Idaho

The Pipeco warehouse in Boise Idaho had old 8' 4 bulb T12 fixtures. These consumed approximately 295 watts each. These fixtures were on all of the time despite areas of the back warehouse being unoccupied at many points in the day. Bright Ideas

Hillcrest assisted living

Hillcrest assisted living in Boise Idaho had over 800 incandescent light bulbs (both interior and exterior). Bright Ideas Lighting changed out all incandescent lights at the facility to screw in 11 watt LEDs. Going from the incandescent lights to


Technichem is a company in Boise Idaho that makes industrial detergents. Bright Ideas Lighting Co changed out all interior lights from the old T12s to new, more energy efficient T8 fluoresent lights. We also installed on fixture occupancy sensors so

Boise Friends Church

At Boise Friends Church we did a lighting retrofit where we changed out old 400 watt metal halide lights in church gym to a 6 lamp T8 highbay. This resulted in increased light levels, and reduction in energy of over 50%. The old metal halide lights

Latest News

LED highbay lights

Meridian Homecourt site in Meridian, Idaho had older 6 lamp T5 HO fluorescent lights.  Bright Ideas Lighting changed the old T5 HO lights out to new LED fixtures consuming only 150 watts We took advantage of the Idaho Power lighting incentives.   Because of the high run time for the lights at this site, Idaho Power lighting incentives covered over 70% of the total cost of the project.   This

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