Commercial Lighting Services by Master Electricians in Boise, ID

Lighting Maintenance and Light Service for Gyms, Offices, Retail, Senior Living and More

Lighting Maintenance Garden City ID - Bright Ideas Lighting Co. - new-fixtOften under-appreciated and overlooked, lighting and light quality is critical to the operations of any business. Lighting can affect sales, productivity, security, mood, and more. Bright Ideas not only helps you maintain the lighting in your building, we help you make smart choices about the types of fixtures and lighting that will not only give you the optimal light quality for your operations, it will help reduce your energy and maintenance costs year after year.

As master electricians and commercial lighting experts, we can analyze your interior and exterior lighting needs and provide a competitive quote for maintaining, upgrading, or retrofitting your warehouse, parking lot, retail store, office building, gymnasium, fitness center, senior living center, or other commercial property. When you choose to work with Bright Ideas, you’re not only getting the best commercial lighting company in Boise, ID, you’re supporting a local, established electrician dedicated to helping you get the biggest benefits from your lighting choices.


For a full list of our lighting services or to request a free lighting and energy audit, give Bright Ideas Lighting a call today at (208) 378-1889. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.