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Commercial Lighting Maintenance and Lamp Repair in the Treasure Valley

Even if you are a hands-on business owner, your time is best spent running your business, not changing light bulbs or performing lamp repair. Bright Ideas Lighting will keep your business well-lit and looking good. Our customers range from large retail stores and hospitals with hundreds of light fixtures to banks, auto repair shops, and medical / dental offices with less than twenty light fixtures. If you are on a maintenance program with Bright Ideas Lighting, we’ll visit your facility once per month as part of our service route. Of course, if you need lamp repair or lighting service between our visits we can usually get to your business in less than a day.

We are also a subcontractor for national lighting and sign companies without a local presence in the Idaho market. If you are a national lighting company, call on us to handle your facilities in the Boise Idaho metro area. We frequently subcontract for companies who have national lighting contracts with large chain stores, but lack an Idaho presence. You can count on us to make sure that your Idaho stores are handled professionally!

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LED tube retrofits

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption but are not ready to replace your lighting fixtures with a new LED fixture you can have Bright Ideas Lighting retrofit your old fluorescent lighting to direct wire LED tubes.   We will rewire your fixture, removing the old fluorescent ballast and install the new LED tubes.  The LED tubes are rated 50,000 hours and require no ballast.   Energy savings from the LED tube upgrade is approximately 55%.   LED tube retrofits are a very economical way to get rid of the old fluorescent bulbs without the added expense of new LED fixtures.

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Other Ways Bright Ideas Lighting Can Help You Reduce Energy Costs

At Bright Ideas Lighting we are laser focused on finding solutions for your high-energy costs. In addition to retrofitting your T12 light fixtures with energy efficient LED T8 tubes, we can install occupancy sensors, upgrade exit signs, and even upgrade your high bays. Occupancy sensors automatically shut off lights when the space is not occupied. Idaho Power rebates for occupancy sensors start at $35 per occupancy sensor and go up depending on type. 

Another way we can help you save a is to convert your incandescent exit light to LED exit lights. Exit lights run 24/7, so upgrading them to LED can save your business up to 90% in energy cost over incandescent lights. These are just a few ways we can help you reduce your energy consumption and save on energy bills month after month. For a compete lighting and energy analysis, contact Bright Ideas Lighting.

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